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A Back To School Guide For Single Parents

School Children
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It’s back to school time for Jacksonville Students

Here are some helpful tips for co-parents and single parents dealing with children returning to school for the first time following a divorce or separation.

Time Management and Study Habits

School ChildrenIn a divorced or single parent home, sufficient study time with your children is difficult to achieve. Adding to the financial burden of a single parent are time constraints that seem to make laborious tasks like helping with your child’s homework seem impossible.  This is actually a time management teaching opportunity in disguise. By helping your child understand time limits within the framework of studying and homework, you are able to teach an important career lesson. How often is your boss or co-worker available at the moment you have a question? It’s very common thorough out daily tasks to have to table an idea and move on to other tasks before opportunity to address the areas we need assistance with presents themselves. The sooner your child learns this life skill, the easier the rest of their education and career will be.

Due to divorce, separate households can create another additional scheduling obstacles when it comes to homework. Differing parental work schedules, responsibilities, and locations all add to the necessity of a standardized daily study times.

Communication Is Essential

As parents, we often get shoulder shrugs and ‘not much’ when asking questions about what our kids are learning. Educational communication with your children is often difficult even in homes with both parents present. Do not let this deter you. Continuing to ask your kids specific questions about what they’re studying and discussing in class will provide you the opportunity to help and provide a level of accountability for your children. Set the precedent that you will follow up with teachers and, in co-parenting situations, that both of you will communicate regarding regular study times, behavioral issues, and class assignment.

Do your best to work with your ex-spouse as a parent and text or email when phone or face-to-face conversations are too difficult. Keep in mind that your communication with your children and ex-spouse are essential when dealing with field trips, tests, and other school functions.

School Interaction

Although sometimes difficult, be sure to inform teacher(s) of the divorce. It may also be helpful to request that two report cards are put in your child’s mailbox so he or she can share one with each of you. Establishing a separate relationship with the teacher(s) will provide better communication and follow-up. Often a quick office visit is all it takes to be added to the class email list. Many teachers will understand if you schedule separate parent-teacher meetings. Be sure the front office has both emergency contacts for you and your ex-spouse.

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